Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Road Again!

So, despite our lack of posts we are very much not on the beach in Thailand anymore. After a few weeks back at home, where D was busier than when we used to have jobs, we are on the road again!

States visited or crossed through in our first two days: 5

We flew into DC on Tuesday evening and spent some quality time with K's sister before her next adventure. On Wednesday morning we jumped in our fly ride for the next month or so - the sweet sweet Prius - and drove to Durham, North Carolina and spent a lovely night with Hilary. We successfully helped to end her Trivia Night teams winning streak - although we only knocked them down to second place I can't help but feel a little guilty...

This morning we jumped back in the car as Hilary went to the airport - both to the same destination - New Orleans for the Jazz Fest. We passed our goal of Atlanta and made it to Montgomery, AL where yet again La Quinta came through in a clutch!

But the most important stop of our day happened in Spartanburg, SC at The Beacon Drive-In! This place was a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurant that D found on her crackberry and we ventured off the well traveled Interstate and found. Let us tell you it was worth it! We each had the rib special and they were amazing and the side of onion rings was almost as big as my face...there will be pictures and while we were not able to power through the whole plates we put in a good effort! This place was huge and fantastic and is 6 hours later and we are both still full! I wish we could tell everyone to go there but it's not exactly on the normal route for most people.

Tomorrow: to New Orleans!!