Monday, January 25, 2010


Our Etsy shop is up and running!! Come check it out.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Quelf has come to the lower 48

So, we are back in the wonderful bay area - Oakland in particular! In addition to feeling lovely to be back in a city we also know people here!! But don't fear we did bring back some new things with us from Alaska, what you ask? Quelf!!

Quelf, maybe the best board game ever made, has made its way to the lower 48, and it was good! I could attempt to explain it to those of you, that did not experience if first hand because it was a rather large group, but pictures will be much better... pictures!

Friday, January 8, 2010

one half of us hearts sarah palin*

*views expressed in this post only belong to 50% of the traveling duo... or do they...

I've finally sussed out my love for la senora of the north: madam pres... uh, I mean Sarah Palin

people trip and ask why. 

I typically have a long drawn out answer about how I dig people who construct their own boundaries of legitimacy, of how she reminds me of my family, of how she disturbs 'liberal' ideas of merit and rationality, of how she's an entirely accurate reflection of a large segment of this nation, and about how she's not a hoax - she was a democratically elected leader meaning the majority of somewhere that we give a large chunk of decision making power actually wanted her as a leader for real real. 

But the answer is shorter. it came to me at a comedy show watching old white presumably monied ladies hiss at the mention of her name: 

I like her because she makes people angry. particularly white people. particularly rich white people. particularly the bustier sex. 

and while I really TRULY do wish that bridge to nowhere was built (it would have been a route off the island) I can take great pleasure in the fact that most Alaskans I met are of similar mind to the old white ladies in flowy skirts. strange bedfellows indeed. 

welcome home.